Friday, January 16, 2009

Is Anthropologie Copying Me?

Ok, so I know they had their hat out before I made mine, but tell me if the hat I made below using Caron International Yarns Beret pattern doesn't look a heckuva lot like the Anthro hat below? It looks even more so in person when you can see the seed stitch between the cables. Just a weird lil thing I noticed when I spotted the Anthro hat online. Also, theirs is cute too and I just might copy it!

And I just had to share something that makes me so happy. Thanks Target! We are calling these T' Owls here at the Twisted Peeps household.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

To Beret or Not to Beret, the Hat is the Question!

Ok, so I have this new obsession. Ok, its not exactly new. I want to make a beret and I want to actually wear it. I have scoured Ravelry and the internet and nothing seems quite right, though this one from a Morehouse Farms kit is pretty, n'est pas?

I don't want one of those droopy, artsy looking things that look good on other people but seem ridiculous on me. I just want a hat with a little bit of style that looks cute. Is that too much to ask? Well, it might be to tell the truth. You see, hats and I have a long history. I love hats! Fedoras and tams and bowlers, Oh My! But you see, my love for hats is unrequited. I, unfortunately, do not have what we in my family call a "hat kinda head". My two sisters do - they both look great in hats! They have similar features and don't possess my squarish face shape or lack of neck. They both have great hair too - is that the secret? My long, limp locks don't seem to go with anything except maybe the skullcap type things from Love Story. I rocked that look in the 70's, let me tell you! My mom was pretty adept with the crochet needle and it was one of the few things she made that I actually liked. There was always a pretty little crocheted flower perched jauntily on the side and I felt so stylish. I wish I had one of those hats today!

The only other hat I remember feeling good in was a straw easter hat from when I was 10. My mom dressed it up with yellow grosgrain ribbon and a chain of embroidered ribbon daisies - I was in heaven! Again, the long straight hair worked with the Madeline style brim and I wore it towards the back of my head with the ribbons streaming down my back. I think I slept with that hat and woke up with it smooshed to bits.

I also have a hat (yet to felted) that I think will look ok. A couple of years ago, I got the felted hat bug and made a bunch of cloches for the girls in my family. I tried a few on and, hey, they didn't look too bad. I didn't get around to making myself one til about a year ago, but like I said, it remains unfelted. Note to self - get off butt and felt the dang thing!

So my quest for the perfect hat goes on. I started a pretty cabled beret today in some of hubby's handspun in a darkly delicious midnight color and so far its looking pretty good. I have no idea if this hat will look good on me, but it worth a try. And hey, I can always frog it and try something else, right? Oh to be Faye Dunaway in Bonnie in Clyde. Such style! And she's got a "hat kinda head" too. "Sigh". Also, the sweater? To die for!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Wow. Where the heck have I been? I mean, I know I've been busy working and knitting and Christmas card writing and shopping and making small, unsuccessful attempts to clean house but how does a month and a half go by with no blog and not even the urge to blog? I just don't know and if anybody out there even still reads this blog - bless your heart! I guess its just the way I tend to communicate - hiding out and not returning emails or phone calls until it gets awkward and then I end up having to apologize for being such a hermit. Anyhoo, I'm back and I'm bad (hah!) and I hope everyone had a Happy Whatever and Best Wishes for the most super wicked awesome 2009!

So, yes I've been knitting. I finished knitting the pieces of a lovely malabrigo sweater - it needs blocking before seaming though and since its for me, I've put it off til the Christmas knitting was done. In addition to Dad and his "ladyfriend" Louise's socks, I assisted with a lace scarf for my stepdaughter; as well as the syncopated hat for the stepson. Hubby did a great job hand dying the colors for the hat. I'm not sure if he's blogged about it yet, but check it out if you can. Pictures of the socks can be seen in my flicker pad here or on my Ravelry page.

I hadn't been feeling particularly Christmas-y this year. Mostly just a feeling of missing home and the family. The kids are mostly grown now and I don't send as many gifts out as I used to. Most people would love that, but shopping for my loved ones is fun for me! I wish I could still do it, but I would feel like if I was shopping for one I'd need to shop for all and I just can't afford to do that anymore - the family is much too big. And I know that my nieces and nephews and their kids are all well taken care of by their parents, but I sure wish that Auntie Deb could still do it. I think it was more for me than for them in a way; but I do know that several of them did look forward to a package from California!

We did put up a little Christmas tree and I love him! Yes, its a him - Justin. And yes, I named him. Hubby thinks this is the weirdest thing, but I do name them. Last year we had Raoul. :) So, anyway, Justin is short and round and sort of looks like a Christmas ball really - actually he sort of looks like those hanging Christmas bough (kissing ball?) things that my sister makes every year. Annnnnnd he has purple lights! They photograph a little pinkish and give off a sort of funky pinky plum glow but I think he's kinda beautiful. Hey, nobody ever said we were super traditional in the Twisted/Peeps household!

Hubby was very thoughtful and sweet this holiday and I want to thank him for cheering me up and helping me find some Christmas spirit! He is truly the best gift I've every gotten and I will treasure him always!

I also got to talk to a big chunk of my family yesterday and that made me so happy. My Dad is doing great in Florida even if he didn't get my package yet (GRRR!) I then talked to several nieces and nephews, two sisters and a brother yesterday. Sometimes I get a twinge of sadness cause I just feel left out and I miss them all so much during the holidays. I mean, how is it that they could celebrate, live, go on without ME? Wow, narcissistic much? Not really, but I bet anyone who's separated from their family knows that feeling. And I do know they miss me. Its just hard sometimes to be 3000 miles away from the people who make you crazy/love you. Again, I'm grateful to have the wonderful Twisted Knitster/Mr. Peeps in my life cause he's my West Coast family and he is just always there for me.

Alrighty then! I'm going to make a greater effort this year to update this blog in a more timely manner, so you should be hearing from me soon! I wish everyone only the best for the coming year!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dad's Christmas Socks

First off, let me just say that my Dad currently lives in Florida. One might ask (and maybe one should!) why on earth I would knit socks for a man who lives in such a steamy state. And I would reply that ... 1. I love my Dad and what says love better than a pair of homemade socks?! 2. He does visit the New England states once or twice a year to see my siblings and I know he (and I) think we may die if the temps go below 65 degrees Farenheit. (Former New Englanders living in warm climates are the BIGGEST wimps) and 3. He told me last week that it got down to 52 degrees one night (in Florida, no less) and he thought he would never get warm again! (Former New Englanders living in warm climates are also quite dramatic) So maybe he will wear them a few times a year and when he does, I hope he thinks of his goofy offspring who just wants to share the knitting love and be glad I didn't decide to make him a sweater. Below are a couple of in progress pictures. The pattern is by the incomparable Ann Budd, using Socks that Rock lightweight superwash merino in Black Onyx pilfered from Twisted Knitster's abundant stash. He may get a pair too; but in softer yarn, of course. Maybe I'll even make a pair for me, if I can stand to repeat the pattern that many times.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Post Traumatic Spring Sock Disorder

Well, the name came about because the hubs and I both thought it really weird to be working on such a springy looking sock as I was complaining about our lack of seasonal weather and longing for the crisp New England autumn that I love. This yarn would not be denied - it demanded to be knit! I think I swatched 6 or 7 different patterns and, while lovely, none of them were quite right. The yarn suits this pattern, IMO, but I do wish I had a tighter gauge. I am NOT going to reknit them however, slightly baggy ankles be damned! They are destined to be comfy couch socks after all. I think because the spiral pattern doesn't pull in at all, it would have been better to knit the leg, foot and toe on size one dpns and keep the cuff on size two dpns. Que sera, sera. I'm done with them. The yarn (Seacoast Handpainted in San Francisco Surf) is what it wants to be and that's that!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The 46 Year Old Virgin....

Um, its not what you might think. I am 46 years old and I will be voting for the very first time tomorrow - November 4, 2008! Its not like I'm proud of it, you see. I've just never been very "political" I guess is the word I'm looking for. When I was young, I was callous about what was happening in the world. As long as I had enough gas to get to the party, life was good. Then as I got older, I told myself I didn't know enough about the candidates to vote. How hard is it to read a newspaper now and then? Then I thought "how can my one little vote count"? If everyone felt this way, nobody would vote at all! Enough with the excuses! ALL of our votes count! Its time that I grow up and take some responsibility. Everyone of us can make a difference if we get out and vote. No matter what you believe or who you support, please vote. Go out and "lose it" tomorrow - let yourself be heard!

I am Stale Peeps and I approve this message.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Falling for Autumn

Wow, how did two months go by without a post? There are no excuses - I just didn't feel like blogging. But, I have done quite a bit of knitting. Finishing up an idea I had for a baby jacket - pictures forthcoming. If it turns out like it does in my head it will be SO cute! I'm also attempting a shawl pattern that isn't liking me much. Its Gail (aka Nightsongs) by MaweLucky/Jane. So pretty and just one skein (or more) of Sea Silk; but it hates me, as most lace does. A knitting/spinning friend recommends using highlighter tape over the pattern in a plastic sleeve and I might try that. How many times must I knit and tink, knit and tink? GRRR!

Managed to finish a couple of summery sweaters - a cute halter top and Annie Modesitt's corset tee. I love the corset tee on - such a simple, yet ingenious pattern! Check out Ravelry for pics. There were other odds and ends, including a butterfly hat in Malabrigo (ah!) and a couple of pairs of socks - the River Rapids for a friend's birthday and finally, Embossed Leaves for me. Both in Koigu, which I've gotta say - I'm loving. So soft after washing, yet the stitch definition stays crisp.

Got no idea what to do next. Probably finish the baby jacket and then re-tackle the lace. Or not. I'm itching to knit a gorgeous fall cardi, but don't have the stash or the funds for it right now unless I want to make it in bright pink Karabella Aurora 8. Not that this is a bad thing, but bright pink just doesn't work for the everyday-wear-with-everything type sweater I'm dreaming of. Not to mention, its been hot as hell lately here in lovely, sunny SoCal. I mean, yeah, I know its California. Can we just have a break with the 80+ degree days already? I'm missing home now - apple picking, cool but sunny days, chilly nights requiring sweaters like above, colorful leaves, pumpkins, baking. Sigh. I suppose I could turn the air on high, throw on a sweater and bake something pumpkiny while munching on candy corn and pretending I can smell the fall air. Hey! Does anybody make an autumn leaf candle? The leaves have a certain brother used to call it "Eau de Dead Leaf" (jerk!) Anyhoo, it would be awesome to smell that smell again....Anyone?