Monday, May 5, 2008

Gluttonous Maximus

After a week spent clearing out the last of the moving boxes (I know - we moved in August!) and mopping the stupid floor many, many times, Mr. Peeps (AKA Twisted Knitster) and I hosted a newbie spin group with the wonderful Janel Laidman as instructor/mentor on Saturday. None of the attendees looked like newbies to me and I hope everyone got what they wanted out of the day. I know I did. Mr. Peeps was learning a new technique and he's so happy when he spins, it just makes me smile myself. Sort of a like that James Taylor song - do, do, do, do, dooooo! It was fun to mix various knitting and fiber friends and watch them make YARN. Yes, fun to watch - I don't have any desires to spin. Being too short attention span for that, I just want to go to the shelf and say "oh, yes, my pretties, come to Mama!". I figure with a spinner in the house, I'll do alright. :) Check out Mr. Peeps' blog for the details.

Me, I've been working on socks. I love em, but maybe I need a break. You see, socks are my go to item when I don't know what else to knit. There are only two pages of stuff in my Ravelry queue; but I had my really super turbo knitter phase 3 weeks or so ago and now I'm just moping around. Started some great socks by our knitting buddy Laura - Candy wrappers - the pattern is fabulous, but a bit challenging and I showed them to Kristie who was here for the spin-in cause I wasn't happy with my crossover stitches and she said, "oh, those are fine, but what happened to the pattern on the back - its missing a purl stitch!" Ah, THAT'S why they looked funny! Rip, rip, rip, but someday I will conquer those socks. Once I realized that this pattern wasn't super super easy, I'd also started the gluttony sock by Kelly Eells - The Unique Sheep. This is part of the Seven Deadly Spins Club. This sock is a pretty cool idea - you get a glut of mini Verve sock yarn skeins (4) in various colors and you blend the color changes throughout the pattern. Alot of club members have finished them - go check em out on Ravelry if you can. These are an easier pattern, but you definately have to pay attention since the colors change and there is shaping, etc. So, last night I dug in with the notion of finishing these before trying to do some justice to Laura's funky pattern.

Maybe I need to do something summery next. Maybe that chevron pattern from More Big Girl Knits? If only we could find that capelet kit I bought at Stitches West last year - that yarn would be perfect for it! How is it that these things keep disappearing? We also have a sock book lost to never never lands and that just frustrates me no end. Cause now that I can't find it, I NEED it! Grrr.....

Oh please, great and wise Knitting Gods, help me out here!

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Stacey said...

The socks look great. You can't find the capelet? That sucks. I remember that. I liked it.