Friday, January 16, 2009

Is Anthropologie Copying Me?

Ok, so I know they had their hat out before I made mine, but tell me if the hat I made below using Caron International Yarns Beret pattern doesn't look a heckuva lot like the Anthro hat below? It looks even more so in person when you can see the seed stitch between the cables. Just a weird lil thing I noticed when I spotted the Anthro hat online. Also, theirs is cute too and I just might copy it!

And I just had to share something that makes me so happy. Thanks Target! We are calling these T' Owls here at the Twisted Peeps household.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

To Beret or Not to Beret, the Hat is the Question!

Ok, so I have this new obsession. Ok, its not exactly new. I want to make a beret and I want to actually wear it. I have scoured Ravelry and the internet and nothing seems quite right, though this one from a Morehouse Farms kit is pretty, n'est pas?

I don't want one of those droopy, artsy looking things that look good on other people but seem ridiculous on me. I just want a hat with a little bit of style that looks cute. Is that too much to ask? Well, it might be to tell the truth. You see, hats and I have a long history. I love hats! Fedoras and tams and bowlers, Oh My! But you see, my love for hats is unrequited. I, unfortunately, do not have what we in my family call a "hat kinda head". My two sisters do - they both look great in hats! They have similar features and don't possess my squarish face shape or lack of neck. They both have great hair too - is that the secret? My long, limp locks don't seem to go with anything except maybe the skullcap type things from Love Story. I rocked that look in the 70's, let me tell you! My mom was pretty adept with the crochet needle and it was one of the few things she made that I actually liked. There was always a pretty little crocheted flower perched jauntily on the side and I felt so stylish. I wish I had one of those hats today!

The only other hat I remember feeling good in was a straw easter hat from when I was 10. My mom dressed it up with yellow grosgrain ribbon and a chain of embroidered ribbon daisies - I was in heaven! Again, the long straight hair worked with the Madeline style brim and I wore it towards the back of my head with the ribbons streaming down my back. I think I slept with that hat and woke up with it smooshed to bits.

I also have a hat (yet to felted) that I think will look ok. A couple of years ago, I got the felted hat bug and made a bunch of cloches for the girls in my family. I tried a few on and, hey, they didn't look too bad. I didn't get around to making myself one til about a year ago, but like I said, it remains unfelted. Note to self - get off butt and felt the dang thing!

So my quest for the perfect hat goes on. I started a pretty cabled beret today in some of hubby's handspun in a darkly delicious midnight color and so far its looking pretty good. I have no idea if this hat will look good on me, but it worth a try. And hey, I can always frog it and try something else, right? Oh to be Faye Dunaway in Bonnie in Clyde. Such style! And she's got a "hat kinda head" too. "Sigh". Also, the sweater? To die for!