Thursday, July 24, 2008

Plodding Along and Knitted Related Injuries

Well, I'm still working on the Magic Halter by Mandy Moore. I know, a halter - sounds a little "chicka-bow-wow!", but all the bits that need to be covered will be in this pattern. Its just taking SO long! Little needles, thin yarn - it has the most wonderful hand and drape, but it sure takes a lot of knitting to get anywhere. Here's the obligatory in progress shot

Ravelry: stalepeeps' Magic Halter

And the injury. Um, well, I was trying on the Magic Halter and instead of putting the stitches on a longer cable or yarn so I could easily try it on, I used the cable it was already on. I don't know what I was thinking cause the cable is many inches smaller than my, uh, bodacious rack, and as I saw that the stitches were about to slip off the needle in the back, I did some weird arm gymnastics and reached around and up and back and something in my neck/shoulder area went "aaaaaachhhhhhhhht". Of course, this did not stop me though. I got the thing off with a little help from the hubby and went right back to knitting, not thinking much about it. A half hour or so later, I thought - "hmm, my neck is killing me" and then "wow, my shoulder hurts too". I can't believe it took me so long to realize that I must have pulled a little something. So, now I've taken some blue-eez and brown-eez (in my house this means naproxen and ibruprofen) and even put a heating pad on it. And it still does not feel real good. In fact it hurts. Quite alot even. I'm sure it will feel better tomorrow, but it might be best if I put away the knitting for the night.


punkin said...

Oh no! Watch out for those dangerous arm gymnastics. I hope you feel better soon.

KarenS said...

Uh-oh. Sorry about your owie. I hope the pain doesn't linger :-)

Laura said...

Eeek... knitting related injury! I hope you're feeling better. The yarn and sample pics you've posted look yummy. :)

punkin said...

I like the photography on Twisted Collective, too. It is easy to see that a lot of effort has gone into the web site.