Thursday, November 6, 2008

Post Traumatic Spring Sock Disorder

Well, the name came about because the hubs and I both thought it really weird to be working on such a springy looking sock as I was complaining about our lack of seasonal weather and longing for the crisp New England autumn that I love. This yarn would not be denied - it demanded to be knit! I think I swatched 6 or 7 different patterns and, while lovely, none of them were quite right. The yarn suits this pattern, IMO, but I do wish I had a tighter gauge. I am NOT going to reknit them however, slightly baggy ankles be damned! They are destined to be comfy couch socks after all. I think because the spiral pattern doesn't pull in at all, it would have been better to knit the leg, foot and toe on size one dpns and keep the cuff on size two dpns. Que sera, sera. I'm done with them. The yarn (Seacoast Handpainted in San Francisco Surf) is what it wants to be and that's that!


loopykd said...

Well I think they turned out very well. I need to pick up my sock knitting and get back in the swing. I love knitting socks.

KarenS said...

Your new socks look great!

punkin said...

I like your socks. The colors and the spiral all work well together.

It amazes me how yarn has ideas about what it wants to be. I will come up with what seems like a brilliant project only to find the yarn turns lackluster because it really wants to be something else.