Tuesday, January 13, 2009

To Beret or Not to Beret, the Hat is the Question!

Ok, so I have this new obsession. Ok, its not exactly new. I want to make a beret and I want to actually wear it. I have scoured Ravelry and the internet and nothing seems quite right, though this one from a Morehouse Farms kit is pretty, n'est pas?

I don't want one of those droopy, artsy looking things that look good on other people but seem ridiculous on me. I just want a hat with a little bit of style that looks cute. Is that too much to ask? Well, it might be to tell the truth. You see, hats and I have a long history. I love hats! Fedoras and tams and bowlers, Oh My! But you see, my love for hats is unrequited. I, unfortunately, do not have what we in my family call a "hat kinda head". My two sisters do - they both look great in hats! They have similar features and don't possess my squarish face shape or lack of neck. They both have great hair too - is that the secret? My long, limp locks don't seem to go with anything except maybe the skullcap type things from Love Story. I rocked that look in the 70's, let me tell you! My mom was pretty adept with the crochet needle and it was one of the few things she made that I actually liked. There was always a pretty little crocheted flower perched jauntily on the side and I felt so stylish. I wish I had one of those hats today!

The only other hat I remember feeling good in was a straw easter hat from when I was 10. My mom dressed it up with yellow grosgrain ribbon and a chain of embroidered ribbon daisies - I was in heaven! Again, the long straight hair worked with the Madeline style brim and I wore it towards the back of my head with the ribbons streaming down my back. I think I slept with that hat and woke up with it smooshed to bits.

I also have a hat (yet to felted) that I think will look ok. A couple of years ago, I got the felted hat bug and made a bunch of cloches for the girls in my family. I tried a few on and, hey, they didn't look too bad. I didn't get around to making myself one til about a year ago, but like I said, it remains unfelted. Note to self - get off butt and felt the dang thing!

So my quest for the perfect hat goes on. I started a pretty cabled beret today in some of hubby's handspun in a darkly delicious midnight color and so far its looking pretty good. I have no idea if this hat will look good on me, but it worth a try. And hey, I can always frog it and try something else, right? Oh to be Faye Dunaway in Bonnie in Clyde. Such style! And she's got a "hat kinda head" too. "Sigh". Also, the sweater? To die for!


loopykd said...

Wow, you are right. What an awesome picture of Faye! I can't wear hats either and I always want to. While shopping people tell me hats look goo and then I buy them and they tell me when I get home, they were just trying to make me feel better. Oh, thanks for helping me waste that money!

MarieT said...

Well, Bonnie did die .... :-)
I'm not a hat person either. I wear them in the winter to keep warm, but I have yet to find a style that looks good on me.
Felt that puppy - see how it looks.

Stacey said...

The argument of "I don't look good in hats" is bunk to me ;) I think everyone needs to get over it. If they like hats, then wear 'em. End of story.


Love that pic of Faye...yet another movie I need to put on my Netflix list...