Thursday, August 14, 2008


After the dye experiment the other day, I felt something I hadn't felt in a while - inspired. Suddenly the world was full of possibilities again. The day seemed brighter, the flowers fresher, books more thought provoking. Ideas blossomed in profusion and so quickly that I scribbled notes about things I love, things I want to see and do. Wish I could bottle this feeling and open it up and take a swig whenever I'm feeling "blah". So happy to have my brain buzzing with new ideas! I've seen a few gorgeous knitting patterns (have you seen "Juno" by Amanda Crawford?) and upon reading some posts by fellow Raveler, knita, I discovered this website for the Victoria and Albert Museum. It is SO cool! I spent many hours pouring over the exhibition pages and designing things on the "To Do" pages. Check it out if you are interested in design, fashion, glass, metalworking, sculpture, jewelry, even knitting! In the knitting sections, you will find vintage patterns, even a free Rowan pattern, the history of knitting, a place where you can share your knits, etc. You can even send an e-card like this one of a Dale Chihuly work.

Just one more reason to visit London someday! :)

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punkin said...

Inspiration is contagious. Thanks for sharing.