Monday, August 11, 2008

Meme and stuff...

Well, I finished the Tangled Yoke Cardigan for my sister and its beautiful. Photos to come once its finishing blocking. All it needs now are buttons! Also finished my halter top, but the strap is wonky. Will probably tink back past the buttonholes, reknit with no buttonholes and then kitchner stitch the sucker together. That might work. Also, I decided to give up on the chevron socks. Just didn't like how they looked or felt on. Reconsidering perhaps using a feather and fan pattern instead, but while I think it over, I started the Combo Corset-T by Annie Modesitt. We had a bag of lovely soft pink Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran that we scooped up at a sale last year at Suzoo's and it would make the perfect compliment to a skirt I've had forever but never had a top to wear with. I plan to use some natural colored Optim that Jerry has spun as lace trim. Lastly, Mr. Twisted and I did another dye experiment and here is the result:

I'm calling it Pansy as it reminds me of them :)

And now, here's the meme. One word answers only please!

1. Where is your mobile phone - purse

2 .Your significant other - Jerry

3. Your hair - overgrown

4. Your mother - gone

5. Your father - Florida

6. Your favourite thing - ocean

7 . Your dream last night - weird

8. Favourite drink - margarita

9. Dream/goal - happiness

10. The room you're in - living

11. Your ex - manipulative

12. Your fear - failure

13. Where do you want to be in six years - happy

14. Where were you last night - home

15. What you're not - rich

16. Muffins - cranberry

17. One of your wish list items - kiln

18. Where you grew up - Salem

19. last thing you did - Blogged

20. What are you wearing - pjs

21. Your TV - Olympics

22. Your pets - yarn

23. Your computer - laptop

24. Your life - good

25. Your mood - creative

26. Missing someone - sisters

27. Your car - old

28. Something you're not wearing - socks

29. Favourite store – TJ Maxx

30. Your summer - quiet

31. Like (love) someone - Jerry

32. Favourite colour - purple

33. last time you laughed - today

34. last time you cried – Monday

35. Who will re post this - Denise

There we go, it's harder than you think, because you want to explain choices and you can't.

Try it yourself if you want!

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